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How-To: Build libwiimote-0.4 on Gentoo

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This may only be related to 64-bit Gentoo but if you’re having build troubles try starting from scratch like this. Note: These are all commands that you’ll have to run directly. There is narrative except in step 6.

Step 1: wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/libwiimote/libwiimote-0.4.tgz?use_mirror=internap

Step 2: tar xzvf libwiimote-0.4.tgz

Step 3: cd libwiimote-0.4

Step 4: autoconf

Step 5: ./configure

Step 6: Edit src/Makefile and add “CFLAGS=-fPIC” to it. If CFLAGS already exists just append “ -fPIC” to it.

Step 7: make

Step 8: make install

Now you’ll have libwiimote-0.4 built and installed. All you need are a few applications to take advantage of it. Stay tuned.